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Sewage Cleanup in Denver, CO: Residential & Commercial Sewage Cleanup Services

When it comes to sewage damage cleanup services, there’s no better Denver team to trust than our certified third party professional vendors. They offer comprehensive sewage cleanup services throughout the Denver area for both residential and commercial properties. Our sewage cleanup experts are equipped with top of the line tools, employing tested sanitary procedures to ensure that your Denver property is thoroughly and optimally cleaned, without a trace of any sewer contamination.

The Dangers of Neglecting Your Need for Sewage Cleanup

Leaving sewage water unattended in your Denver property is anything but smart. You can be dealing with severe consequences that could have otherwise been avoided with the proper sewage damage cleanup services. Failing to promptly eliminate sewage water in your Denver property can lead to the spread of various waterborne diseases, such as cholera, dysentery, and even typhoid fever. Not to mention, these contaminants can attract other unwanted elements such as rodents, insects and much more. Beyond direct health risks, untreated sewage poses a serious threat to the Denver environment as well as the local waterways. Therefore, no matter how the issue occurred, it’s best to turn to our sewage cleanup services in Denver today!

We Take You Through the Process of Our Sewage Cleanup Services

Our dedicated Denver team at Rex Environmental is expertly trained in managing and resolving all types of sewage water damage. We fully understand that sewage damage presents a significant health risk and should be dealt with promptly. Our Denver team starts by assessing the extent of the damage, ensuring that every corner of the site is inspected meticulously to spot all possible signs of contamination. To give you peace of mind, we create and execute a comprehensive sewage cleanup plan that employs advanced techniques and utilizes top rated equipment.

Call for Comprehensive & Customizable Services from Expert Technicians

At Rex Environmental, we provide comprehensive environmental testing and consulting services to the Denver, CO area. Whether you have issues stemming from mold, asbestos, or lead, our team of licensed and accredited inspectors has the expertise and experience for comprehensive solutions. For customizable and complete answers, or to reduce liability and manage regulatory compliance of your Denver, CO property, Rex Environmental is the superior choice. Call today to learn more about our inspection and testing services.

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