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Asbestos Bulk Samples in Denver, CO: Residential & Commercial Asbestos Bulk Sample Testing Services

Here at Rex Environmental in the Denver area, we take our job very seriously, ensuring all our customers that they’ll get accurate and honest results from our team. With our asbestos testing and inspection services in Denver, you can rest assured we’ll get you the answers you need. We understand the panic you may feel wondering if your Denver home has asbestos and if your family or your employees are at risk. That’s why we use top methods, such as asbestos bulk sampling and other proven techniques.

Our Asbestos Bulk Sampling Process Is the Way to Go

With our asbestos bulk sampling, we know how to get the most accurate results. We’re strategic not to disturb the area in which we’re going to test. If the surface dust of your desk or chair has asbestos on it, that’s a vital sample we can test to acquire results. We also close all the windows, turn off all fans, and close heater vents to ensure nothing is moving around the air, making our job harder than it has to be. Our Denver team takes all the proper precautions to ensure we’re not tainting the air before our inspection.

Partner With Our Denver Team to Eliminate Stress

When our team inspects possible asbestos in your Denver home or business, it’s often that our clients feel uneasy. What happens if we find signs of asbestos? Am I going to be able to afford this? How do I know which Denver company to trust? Rex Environmental understands that you can get overwhelmed by a situation of this magnitude. That’s why when carrying out our same day asbestos inspection services, we inform you immediately with any findings, never keeping you in the dark about anything. We’re a partner you can trust when testing for asbestos in your Denver property.

We Bring You Same Day Results!

You can rest assured we follow all protocols set forth for these types of projects, and we walk you through as much of the asbestos testing process as you’d like to know. Our asbestos testing experts in Denver work fast, carrying out same day asbestos inspections and same day results! We have the state licensed and certified inspectors that make it their mission to help every one of our Denver clients. We specialize in testing asbestos and have state of the art equipment to ensure accuracy.

Call for Comprehensive & Customizable Services from Expert Technicians

At Rex Environmental, we provide comprehensive environmental testing and consulting services to the Denver, CO area. Whether you have issues stemming from mold, asbestos, or lead, our team of licensed and accredited inspectors has the expertise and experience for comprehensive solutions. For customizable and complete answers, or to reduce liability and manage regulatory compliance of your Denver, CO property, Rex Environmental is the superior choice. Call today to learn more about our inspection and testing services.

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