Mold, Asbestos & Lead Testing Services in Denver, CO: Residential & Commercial Mold Air Testing, Water Damage Inspections, Asbestos Sample Analysis & More

Maintaining a safe and healthy environment on your Denver property starts with finding a service provider with experience and expertise you can trust. That requires both confidence and accuracy in testing services. With Rex Environmental, you’re ensured both. Our state licensed and insured inspectors provide thorough testing services for mold, lead, and asbestos, providing same day results. Plus, our testing methods have been proven effective with years of successful services in the Denver area. For a team you can trust and results that speak for themselves, look no further than Rex Environmental.


Trained and licensed to identify potentially hazardous materials within your physical environment, our specialized team of consultants will listen to your concerns, identify the appropriate tests for any potential issues, and collect air and bulk samples for laboratory analysis.


Rex Environmental consultants and third party laboratory technicians pride ourselves on delivering personal care and attention to each client, no matter the project size.


We will send you a tailored, comprehensive report via email that gives a clear description and explanation of the laboratory data in terminology that’s easily understood by all.

Receive Accurate Testing for a Range of Hazardous Materials

At Rex Environmental, we provide a variety of tests for hazardous materials that might be present on your property. This includes mold, asbestos, and lead testing on both commercial and residential Denver properties. Our Denver inspectors have both deep and broad experience in finding and accurately testing possible hazards to ensure your home or business is completely safe. Check our comprehensive list of services below to see if Rex Environmental can be of service to you.

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Mold, Lead, & Asbestos Inspections

Our inspectors at Rex Environmental all boast state licensing and accreditation and thorough, hands-on training. As such, each of our inspection services is provided by a uniformed and recognizable expert who will not only provide you same day answers, but also courtesy and respect. And with our services available 24/7, you can expect flexible scheduling and fast results.

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Swab and Air Testing For Mold, Asbestos, & Lead

Whether you have specific areas you want to be tested with swabbing or are concerned about your Denver property’s air quality, our team of inspectors offers the expedited and exact services you need. We can swab for localized answers or test air quality to determine if your home or business is at threat with accuracy that can set you at ease. We also offer tests for lead in soil and water. For accurate testing services provided by superior Denver inspectors, look no further than our turnkey testing services.

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Water Damage Testing

If your Denver home or business has recently been struck with a flooding disaster, it’s best to call for water damage testing. Since damage can often go unseen, hiring a professional team of inspectors is invaluable to ensure your property is safe from harm. For tests you can trust and same day results, work with Rex Environmental.

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Commercial & Residential Testing Services

Whether you’re concerned about mold, asbestos, or lead in your Denver home or business, Rex Environmental offers the superior testing you need. We can offer swab or wipe testing for lead paint, and air and material analysis for asbestos or mold. Protect your home or business with professional testing today from our Denver experts.

Call for Comprehensive & Customizable Services From Expert Technicians

At Rex Environmental, we provide comprehensive environmental testing and consulting services to the Denver, CO area. Whether you have issues stemming from mold, asbestos, or lead, our team of licensed and accredited inspectors has the expertise and experience for comprehensive solutions. For customizable and complete answers, or to reduce liability and manage regulatory compliance of your Denver, CO property, Rex Environmental is the superior choice. Call today to learn more about our inspection and testing services.

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