Mold, Asbestos & Lead Testing Services in Colorado Springs, CO: Residential & Commercial Mold Air Testing, Water Damage Inspections, Asbestos Sample Analysis & More

Rex Environmental has decades of experience advising Colorado Springs property owners, building managers, schools, and contractors on how to assess and mitigate environmental risks. Our number one priority is to take care of all your environmental issues. We specialize in asbestos, mold, and lead testing, and we guarantee we can figure out whatever issues you are having at your commercial or residential property. What are some of the signs of asbestos, mold, or lead contamination at my Colorado Springs home or business? It depends on which containment you were exposed to, as each has its own set of smells and possible physical symptoms.


Trained and licensed to identify potentially hazardous materials within your physical environment, our specialized team of consultants will listen to your concerns, identify the appropriate tests for any potential issues, and collect air and bulk samples for laboratory analysis.


Rex Environmental consultants and third party laboratory technicians pride ourselves on delivering personal care and attention to each client, no matter the project size.


We will send you a tailored, comprehensive report via email that gives a clear description and explanation of the laboratory data in terminology that’s easily understood by all.

Accurate Asbestos Testing for Colorado Springs Homes and Businesses

How do I know if I should test for asbestos at my home or business? If you’ve been noticing shortness of breath, or a persistent dry cough, you could have been exposed. Only accurate and licensed asbestos testing can determine your true level of exposure, so reach out to our technicians at the first signs of issues, or if you plan on doing any construction such as a remodel. Most importantly, the team you hire in Colorado Springs to perform asbestos testing should have a history of excellence.

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Should I Test for Mold at My Colorado Springs Property?

Mold can often be smelled without special equipment (mold will have a musty, almost earthy smell, similar to dirt), but that doesn’t mean you can skip testing. Mold testing in Colorado Springs will show you the most accurate picture of what you’re dealing with. Once you know if you’re dealing with toxic black mold or a milder form of mold, our team can recommend the next step toward eliminating it from your Colorado Springs home or business.

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Residential and Commercial Lead Testing in Colorado Springs

Lead is especially tricky to deal with at your Colorado Springs residential or commercial property, as it can impact your air, soil, and water. At Rex Environmental, our lead testing services can accurately determine your exposure to lead at your Colorado Springs property. We check everything, from the lead paint on your walls to your pipes. For the best lead testing solutions, choose Rex Environmental!

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At Rex Environmental, we provide comprehensive environmental testing and consulting services to the Colorado Springs, CO area. Whether you have issues stemming from mold, asbestos, or lead, our team of licensed and accredited inspectors has the expertise and experience for comprehensive solutions. For customizable and complete answers, or to reduce liability and manage regulatory compliance of your Colorado Springs, CO property, Rex Environmental is the superior choice. Call today to learn more about our inspection and testing services.

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