Rex Environmental review summary

5on Google,Nov 20, 2023


Spoke with this company on the phone. They were very helpful and honest. If I should need their service, I will definitely call him in the future. Thanks again for your help.

3on Google,Nov 14, 2023


I wish I could agree with the 5 star reviews. The technician was on time and considerate, but unfortunately couldn't articulate exactly what the mold test would tell me in the end. Nor what kind of information a surface test would offer. Even the follow up call left me unclear. Once I paid my invoice I was sent the mold report for another house (not mine). Everyone I've spoken with in the company is pleasant, it just seems that things are a little sloppy.

5on Google,Nov 06, 2023


Very friendly and prompt service. Highly recommended.

5on Google,Nov 03, 2023


They came to look at some mold damage and helped advise how to address the issue - all for free and the next day after my initial call. I highly recommend them!

5on Google,Nov 01, 2023


Testing for asbestos in an 80s home. Fast, professional, friendly. Would recommend them again.

5on Google,Oct 26, 2023


All employees very kind and helpful Flexible scheduling Really have great customer service do a good job as well with the work part

5on Google,Oct 25, 2023


Excelente trabajo, excelente persona también, muy profesional y ofrece una confianza increíble de su trabajo realizado.

5on Google,Oct 23, 2023


Jordy is awesome! Professional and responsive. Highly recommend.

5on Google,Oct 23, 2023


Greg did an inspection after we had water damage in our basement from a drain overflow. He showed up on time, was very professional, and completed his work quickly. Great experience!

5on Google,Oct 19, 2023


Great experience! Needed asbestos testing for a flooring project. Hershal was professional, prompt and transparent. Would use again!

5on Google,Oct 18, 2023

Sarah Kaye

Hershal was very kind and professional.

5on Google,Oct 18, 2023


The Rex employee that inspected our house was very knowledgeable and helpful. Good experience with a quick return of there report, and helpful in explaining the results.

5on Google,Oct 17, 2023


Robert is very professional and did a great job. Thanks!

5on Google,Oct 16, 2023


friendly and informative

5on Google,Oct 14, 2023


Robert was very professional and even have us advise on our restoration project based on his experience.

5on Google,Oct 14, 2023


Rex Environmental responded same day, when we realized we had mold in our home. Robert was very professional and knew his business. I would recommend Rex and Robert to anyone having mold issues.

5on Google,Oct 13, 2023


Robert was very knowledgeable and was willing to explain the details of the test he was performing, what certain samples detect, and what the results would required further action. He was very nice, quick, and great at his job!

5on Google,Oct 11, 2023


Professional, knowledgeable, and put me at ease about any accidental exposure I may have had.

5on Google,Oct 11, 2023


Having a mold problem in my home that has led to us being sick is horrible. You are vulnerable and those who come to help you really need to do that. Robert of Rex was not only good at his job, but relayed critical information for me that not only helped me better understand what was going on, but allayed many of my fears as well. You could not possibly do better than Robert and Rex Environmental.

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